Kanye West Jay Leno VIDEO

Kanye West on The Jay Leno Show, 9/14/09.

Kanye West apologizes for interrupting Taylor Swift's speech at the 2009 VMAs.

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Maia Campbell CRACK video!

You probably don’t remember Maia Campbell, but she played Tiffany Warren in the sitcom In the House. She also played Nicole on FOX’s series South Central, and she was Tupac Shakur’s cousin in Poetic Justice. Recently had a role in the film, Sorority Sister Slaughter, in 2007.

So sad. She is only 32 and from the looks of things she might not live much longer.

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Boise State' Byron Hout punched by Oregon Ducks' LeGarrett Blount after a game where the Broncos beat the Ducks.

Hout taunted Blount after the game and Blount swung and landed a punch on Hout's chin.

Clearly not acceptable to punch someone, but I can't help but wonder what exactly Hout said to piss off Blount!
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A butterfly can symbolize many thing. It can signify a spring or immortality of soul. But for many fashion designers a butterfly means femininity, freedom and independence.

Prints with butterflies look very good on transparent fabric. This combination makes dresses lighter and sexier. If you don't like printed fabrics choose jewellery with butterflies. Such jewellers as Van Cleef & Arpels love butterfly theme very much.

Badgley Mischka

Diane von Furstenberg


Star Trend: Bag Tod's. Style Lesson.

Celebrities want to carry much stuff with them as normal people do.But they have to stay fashionable and elegant.

That's why Carla Bruni, Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts and many other celebrities chose G-bag Tod's like they made plans with each other to to it together. It suits casual attire and austere style as well. All the bags are hand made and made of soft genuine leather.

1. Kxenia Sukhinova 2. Halle Berry 3. Freida Pinto 4. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy 5. Anne Hathaway 6. Katherine Heigl 7. Kate Winslet 8. Julia Roberts 9. Ingeboga Dapkunaite

Kara DioGuardi American Idol Bikini [PHOTO!]

Kara DioGuardi shocking the American Idol audience during it's finale on May 20, 2009.

Kara rocked a black bikini next the American Idol's bikini girl, Katrina Darrell.

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Kiss & Adam Lambert American Idol [VIDEO]

Kiss and Adam Lambert perform together on the American Idol Season 8 finale.

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Kara DioGuardi Vision of Love American Idol [VIDEO]

Kara DioGuardi stole the show as Katrina Darrell a.k.a. Bikini Girl was onstage performing Mariah Carey's Vision of Love.

Kara interrupted mid-song, and started singing the song, much better than Darrell I might add.

Kara topped it all off by showing Bikini Girl that she can rock a bikini too when she pulled her dress apart revealing the tiny black bikini underneath!

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Kris Allen Wins!

Kris Allen won American Idol at the Season 8 finale, May 20, 2009.

Kris beat out Adam Lambert, who Simon Cowell favored to win. Although Adam lost, he certainly stole the spotlight all season long.

Congrats to both Kris and Adam!

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Victoria Gotti Loses Home

Victoria Gotti is losing her Long Island estate! She owes $650,000 after not paying her mortgage for two years.

Victoria blames ex-husband Carmine Agnello. “I was awarded full ownership of marital property, and all I inherited was a house with millions of dollars’ worth of debt. This should finally put to rest all the government lies and rumors that I have $200 million buried in my back yard.”

Gotti also claims he left her almost a million dollars in debt after secretly getting a loan for $850,000. Agnello’s lawyers deny the claim.

The home was once assessed at $4.2 million and is now being listed on the market for $3.2 million. It is reportedly an eyesore these days.


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Carrie Prejean Underwear Pics


More racy photos of Carrie Prejean have surfaced! This time Carrie is in her underwear posing topless! Carrie is being allowed to keep her crown of Miss California.




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Rihanna NAKED Pics!

Photos of Rihanna naked have been leaked on the internet.

Did Chris Brown leak Rihanna's naked pics? We aren't sure but we do know that these pics are pretty hot.


Rihanna even has a nipple piercing!

Who Got Voted Off American Idol? 5/6/09

Who was voted off American Idol May 6th, 2009?

Allison Iraheta, the 17-year-old singing sensation was voted off, leaving Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen in the Final 3.

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No Doubt American Idol VIDEO

No Doubt and Gwen Stefani, performing "I'm Just a Girl" on Wednesday night's results show.

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Connie Culp Face Transplant Pics Before and After


Connie Culp, before and after photos of the United States first face transplant.

In 2004, Culp, a 46-year old woman from Ohio, was shot in the face by her husband. The malicious act severely disfigured her, she no longer had a nose, a palate or lower eyelids.

But in December 2008, a 22-hour surgery changed her life. Doctors replaced 80% of Culp's face with that of a dead woman's - and she is forever grateful.

She was released from the hospital in February and is now comfortable with going public.

She seemed shy as she told the crowd at a press conference, "Well, I guess I'm the one you came to see today."

She laughed but became serious as she spoke about being grateful to the family of the donor. She said, "I think it's more important that you focus on the donor family that made it so I could have this person's face."


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Adam Lambert Whole Lotta Love [VIDEO]


Adam Lambert sang "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin on American Idol, Top 4, May 5th, 2009.

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Fashion Must-Haves of This Season. Fashion Spring-Summer 2009.

Here come nine most fashionable things of the Summer 2009. Fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories that you MUST have in your wardrobe this summer.

1. Heel-strap sandal booties.
This Fall and Winter we get used to booties. And now in summer neither fashion-conscious people nor designers want to part with them. As a result we have very open booties or very closed sandals. You can wear them on bare feet or with pantyhose. Sandal booties look very sexy and beautiful. Anyway this must-have is a real hit of the catwalks. Look for them in Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo, Maison Martin Margiela, Paul Smith, Chanel and Alexander McQueen's collections.

Models Chanel and Bottega Veneta

2. Overalls.
This summer overalls will compete with our favorite dresses, all the more so fashion designers prepared for us many variants of the overalls. You can put on black classical overall going to your office, light coloured overall is good for party, short cotton overall is for beach. Interesting models of overalls you can find in Moschino Cheap & Chic, D&G, Missoni and Fendi's collections.

Matthew Williamson, Fendi and D&G's models

3. Stylish separate swimsuit.
Such swimsuits make silhouettes visually more graceful and this makes them very popular! But there is one disadvantage about them - sunburn will be quite fanciful. But designers of such trends as Agent Provocateur, La Perla, Topshop and Marc by Marc Jacobs are absolutely comfortable with that!

Models Melissa Odabash and Topshop

4. Sunglasses Ray-Ban Wayfarer.
Sunglasses Ray-Ban Wayfarer are "HELLO" from 80's. In 80's they were extremely popular in Hollywood. Let's remember "The Blues Brothers" with Daniel Aykroyd and John Belushi or "Rain Man" with Tom Cruise. Today the Ray-Ban sunglasses are favourite accessory of Hollywood celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Mischa Barton and others.

5. Military style of jackets.
This thing became must-have in spring Fashion Week in Paris. According to streetstyle photos it is the most popular attire there. Duh! This thing underlines a figure very nicely!
3.1 Phillip Lim, Balmain, Topshop

6. Antique style dresses.
In new season ancient Greek goddess is a beauty standard for many designers and modelers. Asymmetric light dresses with complicated drapery are very popular. Versace, Valentino, Elie Saab and Lanvin offer us such chic attires.

Lanvin, Elie Saab, Versace

7. Torn jeans.
This season the condition of the jeans is much more important than its shape. This summer jeans style of 90's is very popular. Small and big holes, long and short. Many holes or just few of them - as you wish. Besides you can make this fashionable thing by yourself! Or you can find it in Balmain, Acne or House of Holland collections.

8. Bright shawls.
Here comes hippie and ethnic style! It keeps make us glad. This accessory will make any boring classical suit positive and summery. It can be tied up as a turban on your head.

Dior, Paul Smith, Missoni.

9. Wide bangles.
Wide bangles are extremely fashionable three summers running. However this season we can see wooden bangles not only plastic ones. Besides, this summer you can wear two or even three wide bangles on one wrist. It is very fashionable!

Plastic bangles Fendi, wooden bangles Bottega Veneta

Boyish Style Saves Us From Girlish One. Fashion Tendency.

For those who are tired of ruches, frills and flowers, in other words for everybody who is sick of all the feminine style here comes BOYISH LOOK. It is really time to have a break and enjoy some fresh boyish things. But it doesn't mean total turning girls into men. It is just an alternative way to show the true you. Just run away from the girly body for fun, and enjoy the handsome simplicity of boys. The most audacious girls can change their long hair into classic men's short haircut. But you don't have to do that if you dont want to.

Try men's shirt with hot short shorts or skintight pants and suspenders. Do you like what you see? Boyish style is very hot and sexual.

Ruches and Frills Fashion. Womanly Trends.

Seems like femininity is in fashion this season. Flippant trimmings of ruches and frills on spring dresses will make a romantic girl from any serious businesswoman. We can see light spring dresses with ruches and frills at Alberta Ferretti, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Moschino's and many other designers' Spring 2009 Fashion collections.

Click To Enlarge

1. Gray sundress Arden B. 2. Pink sundress Fendi

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs 4. Aquascutum 5. Wet Seal 6. Evening pink dress See By ChloƩ

Spring - Summer 2009 Trend. Fashionable Overalls.

Fashion tendency keeps gladdening us with new TRENDS. Overall a new fashion trend of Spring - Summer 2009 ! This season an overall is for the all cases. Blue denim overall is for business noon, an overall made from silk is for cocktail party, an overall from variegated silk is for party in your garden. It is a good alternative to dresses. Overalls are as self-sufficient as dresses but look much more defiant than dresses.

See Fashionable Overalls Gallery below. Click image to enlarge.

Summer silk overall Leonard

Green cocktail overall Pucci

Denim everyday overall DKNY

Silk evening overall BCBG

Smart red overall Salvatore Ferragamo

Light summer overall Moschino Cheap & Chic

Chic evening overall Chloe

Spring 2009 Fashion Trends. Leather Leggings. HOW TO WEAR LEATHER PANTS (trousers) CORRECTLY.

Okay, rent is always a worthy cause, but, to be honest our regrets to liquid latex leggings. If you can swing it, don't neglect an opportunity. No other article of clothing on earth ccould give you the same heady wild-child feel as slipping on a pair of skintight (real) black leather pants.

They suck you up and in, and have the power to transform even the squarest, boring librarian into a sexy Viper Room-trawling, crazy-hot mess. Alexander Wang's paper-thin, curve-huggers from his spring 2009 show are a rock-n-roll fantasy come true and worth every penny.

But the one thing you have to know is that with this fabulous power comes responsibility as well. There are a couple of things to remember: The nature of leather is that it will stretch out. So, if you can wriggle your way into them, buy one size smaller, because they will expand, and there's no getting around that. And find yourself a tailor who can take in leather pants. Before you sit down, pull up the knees, so that you don't have horrible sagging old-lady knees later.

Also, keep the leather supple by buffing it with mink oil and a soft cloth. We are hesitant to issue any sort of rules about how to wear them, but remember, such a statement-making piece of clothing also sort of magnifies whatever you pair it with, If you ever wear them with Converse and you will look like a Ramone. If you wear them with fancy heels, you will look like some renegade socialite attempting to be "downtown".

So try to dress very simply, carefully, and most importantly, in whatever you are the most comfortable in.