I Will Pull You Through


Sweater - Zara
Shirt - Bershka
Necklace - Zara
Pants - Zara
Backpack - Massimo Dutti

YEY, I'm oficially on holidays! To celebrate, I had a late lunch with a friend at the promenade of S.Pedro, while enjoying the sun for the first time in a couple of weeks. Just some girl talk and an awesome view, is there any better way to relax? BTW, best of luck to those of you who still have exams!!

Many thanks to Chica for the photos :)

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GIVEAWAY The Hip Tee: Last Day

Hoje é o último dia de participação no giveaway da The Hip Tee a decorrer aqui. Podem inscrever-se até às 23h59 e eu amanhã anunciarei a vencedora.

Let's go girls!

VICHY Recap: Beleza Sem Limites

E exactamente 7 dias depois de ter começado, a campanha Beleza Sem Limites da VICHY terminou e foi um sucesso!

Parabéns às 10 vencedoras do passatempo do FB, que ganharam um óptimo cabaz de produtos desta marca francesa, e obrigada a todos os que mencionaram o CFM ao preencherem o formulário de participação :)

Eu segui o exemplo da Glimmer Le Blonde e, para aproveitar os 50% de desconto, comprei o Gel Exfoliante da gama Normaderm na farmácia da minha zona.

E vocês, em que é que investiram durante esta campanha? Contem-me tudo!

Black Celebrity Hairstyles

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The Black Women's Guide to What's Hot Now! ... The new face of Pantene Pro-V's hottest hairstyles through the years.

2011 Orwellian Prize for Journalistic Misrepresentation

© www.CartoonStock.com

So the time has come round for the announcement of the 2011 Orwellian Prize. The prize is given for an article in an English-language national newspaper that achieves an unusually high level of inaccuracy. Only articles that describe a piece of published scientific research are eligible. Points are given for every statement in the article that does not match the original source, as follows:

  •     Factual error in the headline: 3 points

  •     Factual error in a subtitle: 2 points

  •     Factual error in the body of the article: 1 point

Last year, I got two nominations, but, as described here, neither adequately met the criteria. This year, I’ve had just one nomination, from Neurobonkers, but it’s set a standard for inaccuracy that will be hard to beat. The article that I first selected in 2010 to illustrate the scoring system scored 16 points. This one achieves a startling 23 points. The source article by Kucewicz et al (2011) can be found here. Here is a screenshot of the account in the Daily Mail, with errors marked in red (3 points), orange (2 points) and blue (1 point).

There is a detailed analysis of errors in this blogpost by Neurobonkers, which I urge you to look at. Suffice it to say,  the academic paper is not about cannabis, smoking or schizophrenia. Rather it is about an artificial compound that is not present in cannabis, which was injected into rats, and which led to changes in their brain waves.

There were some complaints to the Press Complaints Commission, and presumably in response to this, the article was modified. The headline, which originally read Just ONE cannabis joint 'can bring on schizophrenia' as well as damaging memory was altered to Just ONE cannabis joint 'can cause psychiatric episodes similar to schizophrenia' as well as damaging memory. Perhaps even the Daily Mail found the notion of a schizophrenic rat implausible. But the rest of the article remains, as a scare story about cannabis. And here is what makes this article such a prime candidate for the Orwellian Award: this is not about a hyped press release by a university, or misunderstanding of complex science. It's not even about sensationalising a scientific finding to draw readers in. No, this is about using a scientific paper as a prop in the Daily Mail's anti-cannabis campaign. A ploy that the newspaper has previously used in another ideological battle, on climate change. When reporting research, no respect is given to the truth: scientists are simply used to bolster a preconceived opinion, and if they don't do that, their findings are distorted.

Twelve of this article's 23 points came from the headline. Journalists don’t write the headlines. They therefore dislike my scoring system because it penalises errors in headlines more than errors in the body of the text. My view is that it’s the headlines that count for most: far more people will read the headline than the text, and for many readers it's the only part of the article they will process. It’s important
that it's accurate. Although few would defend frank lying, some editors seem to think it doesn’t matter if a headline is hyperbolic, provided it sells the paper or gets someone to read further. This very issue has been a topic of debate in the recent Leveson Inquiry into culture, practice and ethics in the UK media. I feel strongly that it's a cop-out to just wash one's hands of it and blame anonymous sub-editors for misleading headlines. I shall therefore continue to award points in proportion to the prominence of the material. But I appreciate it’s not then fair to make the award to the journalist. Indeed, given the Mail's agenda on cannabis, the journalist in this case may well have been under duress to write a scare story.   I will accordingly be making the award to Paul Dacre, Editor of the Daily Mail. I will be happy also to send the token of appreciation for the nomination to Neurobonkers if he/she is willing to email me to tell me where to send it.

I'm pleased not to have had more nominations this year: it suggests that, despite all the grumblings about science journalism, the field is in rude health. I've certainly read a lot of good science reportage in our national newspapers, and where articles have made me angry, it's often because of hype by a press office or scientist, rather than distortion by the press. There are, however, still a few topics, among them drugs policy, where the political stakes are high and scientific reporting is cynically exploited to support an otherwise weak argument.

Coming up with an award certificate and item turns out to be an excellent way of avoiding doing serious work.....


Kucewicz, M., Tricklebank, M., Bogacz, R., & Jones, M. (2011). Dysfunctional Prefrontal Cortical Network Activity and Interactions following Cannabinoid Receptor Activation Journal of Neuroscience, 31 (43), 15560-15568 DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2970-11.2011

Little Numbers

Dress - LOVE
Denim jacket - H&M DIY
Sunglasses - H&M
Earcuff - Topshop
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Litas

I really really have to go back to my study marathon.
Enjoy this sunny and warm weekend for me!

Say It Isn't So

Blouse - Bershka
Jeans - H&M
Earcuff - Topshop

Since I'm on a schedule here, here's a quick post of today's outfit shot during my study break. My last exam is on Monday, but it's the most difficult one so I'll be on full study mode the entire weekend. Just me and Management Control. Oh, the joy!! Wish me luck :)

Style Icon: Zoe Hart

For those of you who watch Hart of Dixie, Zoe Hart is a familiar character. For those of you who don't, this is what you've been missing.

Zoe, played by Rachel Bilson, is a Manhattan doctor that is forced to relocate from New York to Bluebell, a traditional and small southern town in Alabama that is home to many women who still embrace the past. The contrast between Zoe Hart’s modern city gal style and the old school glam attires of the southern belles, full of pastel and vintage-inspired pieces, is one of the most appealing aspects of the show. Her wardrobe is full of silk blouses, tailored high waisted shorts, sophisticated blazers and striped tops in a mixture of sheer fabrics, leather and lace. The chromatic palette is usually neutral but with a hint of a bright colour like red or green, and the outfit is never complete without some chunky heels or oxford shoes and very simple jewellery.

Dr. Hart may have moved to the country side but her city style hasn't suffered a bit. It is still just the perfect mix of LA cool and NY chic.

VICHY Beleza Sem Limites - Don't forget!

Já está a decorrer a 2ª Edição da Campanha Beleza Sem Limites: 7 dias em que vão poder comprar os produtos da VICHY com 50% de desconto em centenas de farmácias portuguesas (que eu falei aqui). Não percam esta oportunidade, é só até dia 29 de Janeiro!

E não se esqueçam também de participar no passatempo que a VICHY está a promover na sua página de Facebook! Basta votarem na vossa farmácia, blog e produto preferidos e sugerirem os 7 DIAS BELEZA EM LIMITES aos vossos amigos. Os 10 fãs que mais recomendarem, ganham um cabaz de produtos VICHY.

De que é que ainda estão à espera? Mais informações aqui.

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Sky Ferreira? Madonna?

by Mario Testino for V Magazine #75

Just Sky Ferreira channeling her inner Madonna. No big deal.